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REA India: Redefining Excellence as a Great Place to Work


The real estate industry in India is a dynamic and fiercely competitive arena, marked by the escalating demand for housing and the swift urbanization of cities.

In this landscape, companies must continuously innovate to maintain their edge. REA India stands out not only for its market leadership but also for its commitment to creating an exceptional workplace. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights, the organization has redefined the home-buying experience, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. In true sense, REA India is “changing the way India experiences property,” which is also the mission of the organization.

As part of the global REA Group, REA India, with its flagship brands &, has consistently prioritized the well-being and professional growth of its people. This dedication has earned the organization many accolades and recognitions, positioning it as one of the best companies to work for in the country. This year marks the organization’s fourth consecutive appearance in the Top 25 workplaces in India by the Great Place to Work® Institute (India), a testament to the exceptional work culture that REA India has meticulously built over the years, where every member of the REA India family feels at HOME.

At REA India, people are at the forefront of business decisions. Its people strategy, that is core of their business strategy, is to create highly skilled and motivated people delivering best property experience to its customers. This drives them to create an environment of trust where people feel empowered to take on responsibilities with confidence and deliver exceptional performance.

The company believes that attracting, engaging, developing and retaining top talent is crucial to maintaining industry leadership. This belief is reflected in their comprehensive talent management framework, that focusses on curating distinguished growth & learning opportunities for its critical talent. This includes partnerships with prestigious business schools designed to foster leadership excellence among top talent, talent accelerator programs, special business projects etc. Customized learning journeys are curated for different talent cohorts such as women, leaders, sales teams, etc. Through their digital learning platforms like LinkedIn Learning they provide their people access to top-tier educational resources. This move not only facilitates continuous learning but also empowers employees to acquire new skills and stay relevant in a rapidly evolving industry. Such initiatives ensure that REA India not only attracts the best minds but also provides them with the tools and opportunities to grow and excel.

REA India’s people-first approach and deep focus on creating a highly engaged team is evident in its myriad initiatives aimed at enhancing employee satisfaction and engagement. Their engagement strategy is built on the principles of active listening and robust feedback to action mechanism. The policies and initiatives are designed keeping its people’s expectations front and centre. For example, the Onboarding & Offboarding Feedback Surveys provide insights into the quality of our onboarding & exit process, while the Annual and Mid-Year Engagement Surveys offer a comprehensive perspective on people’s sentiment. The data gathered is translated into action plans, identifying responsible stakeholders and tracking progress. There is ownership of driving a high engagement culture across all levels of leaders that makes them stay true to this objective in their actions and spirit.

The organization has introduced several industry-first policies to ensure that its people experience genuine care. Policies such as the ‘Early Cheque-In’ for bi-monthly salary payouts ensure financial liquidity, while the ‘Salary Advance Policy’ provides a lifeline in tough times. The ‘Childcare Allowance’ assists women folk as they balance motherhood with work responsibilities. Complimentary ‘Annual Health Check-ups’ for employees and discounted check-ups for their dependents demonstrate organization’s commitment to its peoples’ well-being. Moreover, the Employee Wellbeing & Assistance Program serves as a support system to address mental health issues.

At REA India, clear communication and access to leaders are pivotal. This allows them to foster a trusting environment and a shared vision where every individual sees themselves as an equal partner in business success. Initiatives like ‘Unfiltered Sessions (Skip Manager Connects)’ offer opportunities for open and honest dialogues, while quarterly town halls provide a platform where the leadership team, including the CEO, updates the organization on performance, plans, and invites questions. The company also encourages idea-sharing through ‘MYDEA,’ an in-house platform for collective innovation, empowering our people to co-create policies. To further strengthen human connections, sessions like ‘Coffee & Conversation’ (CEO Connect) and ‘Blank Canvas’ (FGDs) enable the organization to understand sentiments and gather ideas and feedback.

In a nutshell, REA India’s EVP COME HOME is brought to life in their policies & programs. They create an environment of belonginess and care, where every individual is valued, heard, and empowered to grow both personally and professionally.


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